In the market of Heat Transfer Vinyl, if the material is TPU or PVC Films for lettering Alphabet Or Numbers is classical one, then these metallic and holographic lettering films are the fashion one! The Fashion embodies by the films charactor, and the colors its express. Today, let’s introducing the holographic lettering Films.

Holograhpic Lettering Film For T-shirts
By using the high quality polyester film material, and with laser holographic processing for the colorful effect, 100um thick high temperature resistant polyester, and with a stick from the type of substrate, no deformation after high temperature heat stamping, no degumming, no fade, high cover, supporting a variety of colors, feel good. it’s good for a high value of deep processing, especially suitable for the pursuit of personality fashion industry decoration.

Holograhpic Lettering Film For T-shirts—Effect

Holograhpic Lettering Film Rolls

Metallic appearance, pure colors, bright and silk smooth surface, eye-catching, and color transformation is unpredictable, flashes, and have a strong stereoscopic feeling.

Holograhpic Lettering Film For T-shirts—Effect_2Holograhpic Lettering Film For T-shirts—Effect_3

Holograhpic Lettering Film—Effect_4


Material: 100um thick high temperature resistant polyester.

Size: 50cm x 5000cm per rolls

Transfer Tempreture: 150°c-160°c or 300℉- 320℉

Printing Time: 5S-10S.

Printing Methods: Heat Transfer

Function: Perfect for cotton fabric, Oxford Fabric, Non-woven Fabric, Leather etc.

Colors: Silver, Colorful Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Rose Red, Orange,Green, Black.(As Below)

Holograhpic Lettering Film Colors

If you are in Fabric/Leather Processing, or want to order some ready to wear clothes, welcome to contact us at, or call +86 139 1020 6793.



In order to meet the apparel decorative market needs, and clients’ requested, We, Beijing HP Printing are introducing new lettering films—Mirror Lettering Film Rolls.

We have three colors for your to choose, effects and colors as below for your reference.


Material: PU Lettering Film

Size: 610mm x 50000mm, 61cm x 5000cm per rolls.

Color: Black, Red, White

Heat Transfer Tempreture: 160°-170°

Time: 5seconds to 10seconds.

EXW Price: Call +86 139 1020 6793 or Email:

Mirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing Mirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_BlackMirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_RedMirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_White

Mirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_Effect1Mirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_Effect2Mirror Lettering Film For T-shirts Printing_Effect3




Despite embroideryand silk printing, heat transfer printing are the most popular processing methods for T-shirts/Hoodies/Polo-shirts and all other Promotion Apparel Decorative.

Right now, we have a third way, which is lettering. These letterring film are mainly single colors and won’t be fade.

In the most, when it comes to 1 color printing, we are mainly turn to silk printing, to save cost. But the fact is that silk printing images or texts will fall and broken into pcs when washed a  few times. People want better quality, then letterring come in.

We have a lot colors for letterring films, such as white/black/red/silver/blue/green/grey etc(see below), won’t need printing plates, just the same printing steps as heat transfer, top quality easy to print, cost quite affoardable. No mater you are are interested, welcome to contact, we can print your T-shirts, or provide you these top quality materials in roll.

Lettering Film


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As all orders must be prepared before they can be shipped, Hichinaprinting’s Total Delivery Time is split into two parts: Production Time, and Shipping Time. Please use the chart below to help you gauge the Total Delivery Time of your order.

Production time differs from category to category. Refer to the table below for more precise processing times to get an even better estimate of the Total Delivery Time for your order.

Category Production Time Shipping Time
By Express By Air       By Sea
  Large Format Printing 24 hours  3- 8 days  3 – 5 days 25 – 45 days
     Digital Printing                      24 hours        3- 8 days       3- 5 days         25 – 45 days
  Traditional Printing                      3- 7 days        3 – 8 days       3 – 5 days         25 – 45 days
 Order in Large Quantity      depending on specific order  3 – 8 days  3 – 5 days 25 – 45 days


Note: Total Delivery Time of mixed orders with items in different categories should be calculated using the longest estimate times listed.


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Why should I invest in envelope printing?

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Why choose for your envelope printing needs?

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Oil Painting/Canvas is the best to decorate your wall, whether it’s a family photo or reproducing your photography or arts, as China’s premium one-stop printing solution online company, provides a few ways to the canvas printing.

The first way, also the most popular ways of our modern society, is inject digital canvas printing. Inject Canvas is   vivid, economical, fast with various fabrics for options, such as pure cotton canvas cloth, linen canvas cloth, polyester canvas cloth, silk fabric and linen/cotton cavas cloth .

At, we usually provides 300g pure cotton canvas, polyester canvas cloth and silk fabric to you to choose from.

The second way is silk printing with handmade. The is another economic way for reproducing arts, similar to handmade art, but not exactly.

The thirdly one is the oldest one and the most expensive one. sometimes, the skill of the artist are very important to the reproduction arts quality.

If you are planning to turn your photo onto canvas, the inject canvas might be your preferred option. But for Oil Painting Reproductions, Arts Reproductions, The handmade one, or slik printing with handmade might be your best options.

Embroidery is the process of turnning a graphic or texts into a needle and thread work of art on fabric items. There are two main ways for embroidery, by hands or by sewing machines.

Hand embroidery is one of the chinese folk traditional crafts, with 2000-3000years history. And there are four most famous hand embroidery, which are Suzhou Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery, Hunan Embroidery, Sichuan Embroidery.In the year of 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping’ss Wife, Lady Pengliyuan, invited the foreign leaders’s wift group to visit and experience an unfinished Suzhou Embroidery Art”The Silk Road”.

Here, we are not going to introducing the history and future of chinese hand embroidery, so, let’s come back to the T-shirts embroidery.

Nowadays, embroidery are mainly done by machines, rather than by hands, which is faster, and cost less. by using state of the art software and multi-heads industrial sewing machines, embroidered designs can be quite simple, single color designs or multi-colors works of intricate details. In all the methods of fabrich embellishment, from silk printing, diamonds, heat transfer, foil printing, embroidery is considered to add the most sophistication and a higher perceived value to a garment.

For Embroidery T-shirts, we are mainly talk about embroidery a logo/images to a finished products, such as a ready-to-wear T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, Hoodies, Hat etc. not a unfinished products.

The Steps of Embroidert A ready-to wear-garments:

Steps1: Design digital images

Create or adapt a design for embroidery, bearing in mind that the simpler the designs, the better  stitches with open areas. Once complete, the design must be digitital translated into stitch data for the sewing machine. Send the digitized image to your embroidery machine after you set all ready.

Steps2: Stabilize And Hoop

Select the appropriate stabilizer for your shirts, apply temporary spray adhesive, and smooth the stabilizer onto the item.Next, place all layers firmly in your embroidery machine’s hoop, which holds the fabric securely and moves as the item is sewn.The embroidery area must be smooth and flat, but not stretched out of its original shape. Insert the hoop into your embroidery machine.

Steps: Stitch the design

Once you insert the hooped item and send your digitized file, the embroidery machine does most of the work. It will stop when it’s time to change thread or if other action is needed.When the machine finishes sewing,remove the hoop, unhoop the shirts, and trim any excess thread from the stabilizer. Some items may need a light steam pressing to smooth any creases caused by the hoop With the above three steps, a embroidery to the shirts are done. And you can cut the extra threads, pack them well for sell.

If you are looking for an company to get your garments done, call

We provide various T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, Hoodies and Decorated ways for you, to get you the best. We offer 150g Gildan T-shirts, 180g Gildan T-shirts, 200g Combed Cotton T-shirts, 220g Combed Cotton T-shirts, 200g CVC Combed T-shirts and polo-shirts, hoodies, hats etc.

Great Price, Fast Delivery, Excellent Services Are our promise to our clients!

As said before, heat transfer printing is another most popular printing way for custom/DIY T-shirts. There is no MOQ limited, the printing time is about 1-3days.

If you are looking for less than 100pcs T-shirts custom printed with your design, this is the best way, good for family time, company promotional time and gifts for friends, kids.

Nowadays, when famous film star open their own apparel brand, T-shirts is the most likely items they  take in considerations at the beginning.

Heat transfer involves creating an image in reverse, printing it to high-release paper, and then transferring the image from the paper to a garment using heat and pressure.Let’s see the steps as below:

Steps1:  Artworks  Design

Using the professiona design software such as Illustator, Photoshop, coredraw, freehand, or pagemaker etc, to create your design. images,sign, slogan, logo, all full color artworks are ok for heat transfer printing.

After the design confirmed, designer need to converse the images before printing the artwork to the high-release paper.

Steps 2:  Making The Printing Version

With a digital printing press, print the artworks onto the heat transfer paper, and cut the extra part of the paper

Steps3: Printing

Adjust the temperature of the heat transfer printing machine, make sure the fabric printing area flat, put the heat transfer paper on the fabric, then the images will be applied to the fabric.Be careful when you take off the clothes from the machine, as the temperature are quite high.

As a one-stop printing services company based in Beijing, China, offer T-shirts ship to all over the world: the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, the Bahamas, Slovenia, Israel, Korea, Malta , Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and other any corner of the world.

Great News, provide 200pcs free business cards or a free personzied T-shirts for any clients when they are place their orders, no matter business cards, or office stationery such as banners, flags, poster, canvas, stickers, brochures, cookie bags, packing boxes etc.


To be continued……………….

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T-shirts is one of the people’s favorite sprinting, summer and autumn clothing. Especially in the hottest summer, its natural, comfortable and unrestrained without losing the sense of decency, Make T-shirts become more and more popular in different social occasion in the worldwide, from men to women, old to young, everyone loves T-shirts nowadays. I heard that the worldwide annual sales of T-shirts are billions, with jeans together, they constitute the world’s most popular, the largest numbers of people’s daily clothing.

As a one-stop printing services company, provide blank T-shirts wholesale, custom T-shirts, Promotional T-shirts, DIY T-shirts, ODM T-shirts, OEM T-shirts etc. No matter you are looking custom T-shirts for your company sales promotion,or custom T-shirts with your logo as a work uniform, or custom the T-shirts with your design for retail or wholesale, or purchase for your family wear, we can provide in any formate at very good price, as lower as to USD6 for a large amount.

To print your T-shirt well, we provide screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, foil printing, heat trasnfer-Rhinestone and Glitter, before making your order to us, pls tell your requirements to our sales team carefully, and ask for a good suggestions then.

Today, I am going to introduce our sreen printing T-shirts. Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a printing technique that uses stencils and ink to create designs on fabric. Although it requires significantly more set-up time than digital printing or heat transfer, screen printing remains popular because it is the most economical method for producing large quantities.

Steps for the silk printing:

Steps1:  Artworks  Design

By using the professiona design software such as Illustator, Photoshop, coredraw, freehand, or pagemaker etc, to create your design. And design must be separated according to the colors, each color are clear printed on their position. The less color, the less the process is set, the cheaper the cost.

Steps 2:  Making The Printing Version

The printing versions depands on how many colors will be printed, each colors, 1 printing version

Steps3: Printing

Before printing, each printing version need to be set to the printing press very precisely, to make sure all the color positions are right. The colors are printed onto the fabric by press the ink.

Steps4: Dry

After all the colors printed, the t-shirts will be put into a dry room, or you can let them dry naturally. After the inks Solidified, you can wear now.

If you are a T-shirts Wholesale in your local, and just need blank T-shirts, we can provide you these at a very cheap cost, we can provide you stock T-shirts, or OEM T-shirts With your logo labels etc.

If you are a apparel Retailer, and need to get your deigns onto T-shirts, packed well for distributions, call/email us, we can do your job well in good quality and fast delivery time.

If you are the dealer for your company, and want to get some promotional items for your activities, call us, we can well meet your needs well………..

In a words, everything need to custom t-shirts, no matter blank or printing, mo matter the order is millions or just a few pcs, can do you well.

Last not the least, is in promotion season, any clients place their orders, can enjoy a 200pcs-500pcs free business cards or one DIY free T-shirts as a gift.

To be continued……………….

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