Feb, 2013

Sticker printing is everywhere and the chinaprintingservice.com leverages this to your advantage. Our sticker printing services encompass stickers of all shapes, hues and dimensions. Our large format stickers take the form of window stickers, vehicle stickers and vehicle wraps, even on fleet vehicles.

We employ the best grand format inkjet printers to give you the quality your product deserves. In addition, we also have a number of mounting and laminating options that will maximize visibility. Our expert services combined with fast turn-around and competitive prices make us the right choice for your sticker printing needs. Visit HiChinaPrinting.com to learn more about Sticker Printing.

Sticker printing and labels printing online are our specialty and we work hard to ensure we offer the best selection of vinyl stickers, paper stickers and window stickers to suit your exacting requirements. We offer a great range of durable outdoor cheap sticker printing options such as car stickers as well as a vast array of indoor sticker and label printing services.

At HiChinaPrinting.com, we are known as the stickers printing specialists. Not only are our printed labels and stickers highly affordable, we also use the latest technology when printing stickers to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you choose HiChinaPrinting.com, as your sticker printer we guarantee high quality, first class of service and flexibility in shape and size of your stickers.

Promotional sticker printing such as bumper stickers is a great way to enhance and compliment your advertising and marketing strategy in a subtle yet, far-reaching manner. You can also print labels and stickers to be used on merchandise, around the office and on office stationary to add a more professional touch. As specialists in printing labels and stickers, we can help you create a professional range of business stickers to compliment and enhance your business profit.

Poster printing has been proven to be an effective form of advertising. Poster printing is the best and an inexpensive way to advertise your products, services or events. They have been used for promoting products at retail, promoting concerts, promoting local events and much more.

Posters printing are available in many sizes to suit you needs. A Poster is a promotional item, because it works. Poster printing is a great way to market your message to customers and save a lot of money for you. Using the right type of printed poster, you can create a lasting effect on those who see them.

Posters printing are not just for businesses, we can print a poster from your favorite photo on canvas for a true artist reproduction of your family member. Digital photo printing is a popular method of printing short run posters. You can print as little as one at affordable prices. Posters are popular for promoting the movies advertising concerts sales promotions and products special events charity functions art and music festival county fairs. The poster printers offer you discount poster printing services with very fast turnaround times.

HiChinaPrinting.com specializes in printing posters compared to other competitor companies.

Our services are the best since we offer full color poster printing, large format poster printing and digital poster printing at the best prices. We specialize in full color poster prints using the latest and most advanced equipment and the latest software so you get the most vibrant color garment available. We print posters cheap for you without sacrificing quality.

HiChinaPrinting.com will do a great job on your full color posters and photo poster printing. In fact they will guide you in choosing the right method of printing, since posters printing can be produced in digital printing when clients need a few posters, if a large quantity, it’ll be in offset printing. Our posters are also used for the following:, trade show displays, posters and signs, billboards, transit signage, bus shelters, point of purchase displays, wild postings art reproduction, etc.

HiChinaPrinting.com specializes in printing high quality poster printing on premium photo glossy paper for lasting durability and excellent image color. All of our custom poster prints are printed at the highest possible quality. Our image quality is great for family and personal use, and can equally please any artistic professional. Create beautiful photo poster print from your digital images and photography today.

The great quality of our poster printing make them well suited for many personal and professional applications. Whether you are printing digital photos, graphic designs or recreating vintage poster prints, you will find that the caliber of our materials and printing is far superior to that of any traditional poster printing. We can ensure that all of the posters printings are high quality. Photo enlargements are great for displaying your favorite images. Whether you use our photo enlargement poster printing service to display family portraits or professional photography prints, you will find that we can meet your needs. Many of our clients are surprised to discover that their poster is printed on a high gloss photo paper that has a quality weight and feeling. Photo poster printing is a great way to create custom artwork or personalized gifts!

Many artists, photographers and art connoisseurs appreciate HiChinaPrinting.com commitment to professional printing quality and attention to detail. If you are looking for a professional quality poster printing service to display a fine piece of art, then you have made a right choice. We understand that an artist is selling more than a mere poster print and appreciate the artistry in every order.  Besides, our photo quality poster prints are an affordable solution for printing your wedding photos. Mounted posters are especially useful for displaying a photo of the bride and groom by the guest book or in the reception area. Another great application for your wedding photos is to give smaller poster prints as a personalized wedding favor!

Large format poster printing is developed well in chinaprintingservice.com. We are full of experience in this specialized field, and have knowledgeable people you can talk to about your large format printing basic data. We guarantee your satisfaction. When you want your large format printing done perfectly- and on time every time- communicate with us. We have the skill, and the capacity, to turn your job around quickly and affordably. We are large enough to have the right people and equipment to do your job well. We are small enough to give your job the personal attention to be sure it’s done right.

When visibility and branding are choosing condition for your large format printing, there is no better solution than hichinaprinting.com.  We can output your designs at incredible widths and unlimited length.  With our art flatbed, solvent and UV printers outputting unparalleled detail, the large format printing will explode off the surface in vibrant color, delivering your message every time. From concept to completion hichinaprinting.com is truly a one stop shop that can handle your most challenging projects and deliver them on time and on budget.  Quick estimates, quality printing, and extraordinary customer service are qualities our customers appreciate.

If there is a large format printing idea you would like to explore, contact us and we will help you turn your idea into reality. We will give advice on the most appropriate and cost effective card based products to meet your objectives. Whether you are a new business in need of an identity, or an established business in need of promotional materials or ready to update your branding , hichinaprinting.com, as single source for advertising, printing, marketing and graphic design services, we are your ideal solution.

Lable printing is an important part of printing service industry. Every company needs to do some kind of advertisement. Lable are the best ways to show what the company have and what the company do.

Printing Lable are beautiful and special. Companies can design thier own logos, pictures, articles and others for Lable.

Lable printing is also good for personal use. Everyone needs to be different from others. How to show your difference? You can disign a booklet or catalog just for yourself. You can name it, put anything you want in it. Send it as present to your friends. They will remember you forever.

Now, we have customise printing service for anyone. So you don’t have to be an expert in design. What you need to do is just express yourself and what you want to our designer group, they will make your thoughts true.

Choose Your Company for eye-catching designs, superior label printing, and excellent customer service. In business for more than three decades, we are the company you can rely on for affordable, quality pressure-sensitive labels that will sell your product. We have helped manufacturers and business. Let us help you stand out from the competition. You have found the full-service from pressure-sensitive labels printing, stickers printing, application specialists, to designers to define your product’s look. From our well-equipped facility in Florida, we serve manufacturers and companies of all sizes in Tampa, St Petersburg, Oldsmar, Sarasota, Lakeland, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and beyond in Florida. Contact us now and let us know how we can help you put the finishing touch on your product.

Leave the entire printing process to us.

You can focus on your business and leave the labels to us. Our graphic designers, application specialists, and customer service representatives are equipped to handle any request. We can produce just about any label for every application. Just let us know what you need.

* Custom label design
* Material selection
* Affordable full-color printing in any quantity

Custom label design to define your product’s look.

Be visible with Your Company, the company with the most label options. We can create original designs for you and craft an entire product look. Or we can use your logos, match corporate colors, and print your artwork on specialty materials from our large inventory of label stocks (including paper, vinyl, Mylar, foil, polypropylene, and recycled paper label). We also can make labels in custom shapes and sizes or you can pick from our vast selection die-cuts.

Material selection for nearly any application you can dream of.

Our Applications Specialists are on hand to help you select the right materials, adhesives, laminates, and more for high-performance labels. You can choose from a variety of label face materials and pressure-sensitive options, such as paper, foil, and durable films. We take into consideration how the label will be used, the environmental conditions it might be exposed to, and any other factors that are important to developing your product’s label. Whatever you need, our Application Specialists will help you select the materials that will work for your product and your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of Application Specialists today and pick the label that is just right for you!

Some of our materials include the following:

* Litho paper
* Matte finish papers
* Mylar
* Opaque papers
* Piggyback papers
* Polyesters
* Polypropylenes
* Polystyrenes
* Semi gloss papers
* Solid Foils
* Static Clings

HiChinaPrinting.com have extensive experience in the booklet printing industry. We are one of few printing companies that has the technology and the know-how to print booklets of superb quality at minimal cost. We print booklets for a range of purposes including information booklets, training manuals, company magazines, promotional booklets, conference booklets and much more.

Our unique booklet printing technology allows us to print booklets in a range of sizes with elective finishing options such as laminating and varnishing for a distinctive look. For more information on booklet printing or for a quote, contact us today!

HiChinaPrinting.com- Yearbook printing service

At HiChinaPrinting.com we offer schools and institutions great rates and the best service in yearbook printing- Australia wide. Our experienced team of professional printers can assist you with your yearbook printing process to ensure that your yearbook is original, professional and a wonderful keepsake for all. For more information about our yearbook printing service or for a no obligation quote.

Not like canvas printing, everyone knows that digital cameras have made taking photographs easier and cheaper. We now have the option of emailing our favorite photos to family and friends instead of waiting for copies to be printed and then snail mailing them. We can also instantly print our favorite digital photos at home with a printer or send them to be printed at a photography shop directly from the comfort of our home. And with the technology that has emerged in canvas printing, it has now become easier to just send your favorite digital photos in to a printer and suddenly you have a beautiful work of art. There are so many great advantages to printing pictures on canvas, here are some of the main ones:

Easy editing picture for printing: You can edit your photograph the way that you want it so when you print pictures on canvas they come out exactly how you expect them too. You can change colored photos to black and white, you can change them to a blurry, watercolor feel, or simply produce a beautiful canvas print. You are free to edit your pictures however you see fit.

Many canvas sizes you can print: When you print pictures on canvas, you have a wide variety of different sizes of canvas to choose from. Here they start as small as 8×10 and go up from there, and you can even request odd sized canvas to create an even more unique work.

Lower prices for canvas printing: Today, canvas prints are extremely affordable and anyone can print pictures on canvas to display anywhere. Many canvas prints start below $30 and even the larger canvas prints can stay under $100 as well. So it does not matter how big or small your budget might be, you can now afford to immortalize your favorite pictures on canvas.

Durability: Many people do not realize that when they print pictures on canvas, those pictures will last for generations to come. With the specialized archival inks that are used to print the pictures as well as the treatments once the print is finished, these canvas prints are designed to last for several decades – normally past 100 years. This means that your beautiful canvas prints can easily be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

As anyone can easily see, there are plenty of advantages to printing pictures on canvas. HiChinaPrinting.com offers several wonderful ways to have your favorite pictures turned into works of art. From different sized canvas options to different prices, you will easily find something that will help you see all of the advantages of printing pictures on canvas.

In a newly eco-conscious printing business world, an environmentally friendly image can make the difference between profit and loss. One of the quickest and most effective ways to let your customers know your business is environmentally friendly is using an eco-friendly printer for your marketing materials, especially for flyer printing.

Being environmentally conscious as a printing business has become a mark of a forward thinking, responsible and profitable businesses. Besides helping the environment, using eco-friendly flyers is a cost effective, efficient way for new businesses to attract consumers with their environmentally friendly image, or for old businesses to update and improve their image.

It only takes something as small as a tiny icon on the back of your flyer printing to give consumers the impression of an eco-friendly business. Many images, such as the ubiquitous recycling label or the tree shaped “post consumer waste” label are commonly recognized and are the fastest way to promote an environmentally friendly image. Since people tend to hang onto flyers anyway, it is easy to capitalize on that image by putting a note on the back asking consumers to recycle their flyer when they are finished with it, or making it out of a material that is easily reusable for another purpose.

Eco-friendly materials have come along way from simple recycled paper. Rather than simply relying on color printing to grab consumers’ attention, why not use a more visually and tactilely attractive material? Many higher end eco-friendly printing shops can provide paper made out of materials as exotic as banana plants, coffee, or even rocks. Using such an unusual material for flyer printing can be really eye catching to consumers and opens up the door for very creative marketing that sticks with customers.

Even more traditional flyers can still promote an eco-friendly image by using environmentally friendly inks. Made of sustainable materials like corn and soy, these inks provide the same quality of color printing as traditional inks, and can be a subtle, but effective way to include an environmentally friendly aspect to your marketing. In the long run, using eco-friendly inks or an eco-friendly printer can even save money, as the ink cartridges are refillable and reusable.

With all the benefits of traditional flyer marketing, eco-friendly flyers are a clearly effective marketing tool. While still affordable for companies, eco-friendly flyers are not only an attractive way of marketing, but also give consumers more confidence in your company.

Printing a flyer is one thing everyone is able to do today with all of the countless flyer producing software out there on the Web. People that don’t have enough time or even the desire of creating their very own flyers may always use a printing company that offers flyer printing, as well as postcard printing and greeting card printing, that can be found both offline and online at an affordable price. Having said that, it’s these essential tips to develop a high quality flyer that need to be taken into account when coming up with a flyer.

1. Prior to printing your flyer, gather and analyze other flyers distributed in your area. Uncover precisely what causes a particular style and design to be more captivating than the others. By thoroughly researching other designs, it is possible to acquire your own feeling of excellent design so that you can come up with an attractive flyer. Upon having a concept of exactly what the flyer ought to look like, you must determine which type of people that you intend to distribute your flyer to once it is printed. Pick a typeface that is most suitable for the style you want, such as a professional, funny or informal one, along with maintaining a straightforward message. Avoid using more than two fonts in the flyer as this tends to distract readers from grasping the core subject matter.

2. Determine which details are essential and organize it according to its value. Produce several drafts of the flyer layout until you can completely visualize where all of the information will be placed. Use design elements like boxes only when highlighting the most important content so that it is easy to follow. Have a friend or fellow employee take a look at your draft concept and ask them if it appears to flow in a logical order that is easy to follow along. You can even ask them what was the main message they extracted from the flyer to ensure you have a proper layout.

3. When designing and printing a flyer it is common to feel the desire to make use of the page and fill up the entire space, however it is best to avoid doing so. When you leave empty space on the page and maintain a simple layout it helps deliver the message to the reader without any confusion. Pictures and graphics are useful, but too many will make the flyer look messy as well as distract the reader from the main purpose.

4. You will find a huge selection of colors available for flyer printing, but the best performing flyers are almost always designed in just one or two colors. Occasionally, grayscale flyers end up being far more stunning than colored flyers. Do not forget that the expense of printing must be evaluated when selecting colors for your flyer. More colors usually means a higher printing cost, but at the same time if your flyer is in need of many colors to generate results and improve your business then avoid trying to cut the costs here. After deciding on the colors, you will need to choose the type of paper for your flyer. Paper is also available in many different colors, dimensions and materials. If you are trying to go green in your business or organization then you may look at using recycled paper. Recycled paper is an ideal way to cut down on the amount of natural resources you use and it’s also a wonderful way to promote yourself these days as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Use recycled paper when doing flyer printing, postcard printing or greeting card printing, and you will certainly stand out with your audience.

5. Upon finishing the design and picking the typeface and paper for your flyer, you must always proofread and analyze your flyer. Go through it quite a few times prior to getting it printed because once it is printed you won’t be able to fix any mistakes you might catch afterwards. As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to have another person you trust to critically evaluate the final layout and provide their honest opinion. After you have rigorously review the flyer and feel content, then contact the printing company and begin having it printed.

Keep these points in mind when creating the perfect flyer design and you too will have an effective flyer that produces action, brings results and drastically improves your business or organization.