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T-shirts is one of the people’s favorite sprinting, summer and autumn clothing. Especially in the hottest summer, its natural, comfortable and unrestrained without losing the sense of decency, Make T-shirts become more and more popular in different social occasion in the worldwide, from men to women, old to young, everyone loves T-shirts nowadays. I heard that the worldwide annual sales of T-shirts are billions, with jeans together, they constitute the world’s most popular, the largest numbers of people’s daily clothing.

As a one-stop printing services company, hichinaprinting.com provide blank T-shirts wholesale, custom T-shirts, Promotional T-shirts, DIY T-shirts, ODM T-shirts, OEM T-shirts etc. No matter you are looking custom T-shirts for your company sales promotion,or custom T-shirts with your logo as a work uniform, or custom the T-shirts with your design for retail or wholesale, or purchase for your family wear, we can provide in any formate at very good price, as lower as to USD6 for a large amount.

To print your T-shirt well, we provide screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, foil printing, heat trasnfer-Rhinestone and Glitter, before making your order to us, pls tell your requirements to our sales team carefully, and ask for a good suggestions then.

Today, I am going to introduce our sreen printing T-shirts. Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a printing technique that uses stencils and ink to create designs on fabric. Although it requires significantly more set-up time than digital printing or heat transfer, screen printing remains popular because it is the most economical method for producing large quantities.

Steps for the silk printing:

Steps1:  Artworks  Design

By using the professiona design software such as Illustator, Photoshop, coredraw, freehand, or pagemaker etc, to create your design. And design must be separated according to the colors, each color are clear printed on their position. The less color, the less the process is set, the cheaper the cost.

Steps 2:  Making The Printing Version

The printing versions depands on how many colors will be printed, each colors, 1 printing version

Steps3: Printing

Before printing, each printing version need to be set to the printing press very precisely, to make sure all the color positions are right. The colors are printed onto the fabric by press the ink.

Steps4: Dry

After all the colors printed, the t-shirts will be put into a dry room, or you can let them dry naturally. After the inks Solidified, you can wear now.

If you are a T-shirts Wholesale in your local, and just need blank T-shirts, we can provide you these at a very cheap cost, we can provide you stock T-shirts, or OEM T-shirts With your logo labels etc.

If you are a apparel Retailer, and need to get your deigns onto T-shirts, packed well for distributions, call/email us, we can do your job well in good quality and fast delivery time.

If you are the dealer for your company, and want to get some promotional items for your activities, call us, we can well meet your needs well………..

In a words, everything need to custom t-shirts, no matter blank or printing, mo matter the order is millions or just a few pcs, hichinaprinting.com can do you well.

Last not the least, hichinaprinting.com is in promotion season, any clients place their orders, can enjoy a 200pcs-500pcs free business cards or one DIY free T-shirts as a gift.

To be continued……………….

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