Custom T-Shirts Decorated Tips And Tricks—-Embroidery


Embroidery is the process of turnning a graphic or texts into a needle and thread work of art on fabric items. There are two main ways for embroidery, by hands or by sewing machines.

Hand embroidery is one of the chinese folk traditional crafts, with 2000-3000years history. And there are four most famous hand embroidery, which are Suzhou Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery, Hunan Embroidery, Sichuan Embroidery.In the year of 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping’ss Wife, Lady Pengliyuan, invited the foreign leaders’s wift group to visit and experience an unfinished Suzhou Embroidery Art”The Silk Road”.

Here, we are not going to introducing the history and future of chinese hand embroidery, so, let’s come back to the T-shirts embroidery.

Nowadays, embroidery are mainly done by machines, rather than by hands, which is faster, and cost less. by using state of the art software and multi-heads industrial sewing machines, embroidered designs can be quite simple, single color designs or multi-colors works of intricate details. In all the methods of fabrich embellishment, from silk printing, diamonds, heat transfer, foil printing, embroidery is considered to add the most sophistication and a higher perceived value to a garment.

For Embroidery T-shirts, we are mainly talk about embroidery a logo/images to a finished products, such as a ready-to-wear T-shirts, Polo-Shirts, Hoodies, Hat etc. not a unfinished products.

The Steps of Embroidert A ready-to wear-garments:

Steps1: Design digital images

Create or adapt a design for embroidery, bearing in mind that the simpler the designs, the better  stitches with open areas. Once complete, the design must be digitital translated into stitch data for the sewing machine. Send the digitized image to your embroidery machine after you set all ready.

Steps2: Stabilize And Hoop

Select the appropriate stabilizer for your shirts, apply temporary spray adhesive, and smooth the stabilizer onto the item.Next, place all layers firmly in your embroidery machine’s hoop, which holds the fabric securely and moves as the item is sewn.The embroidery area must be smooth and flat, but not stretched out of its original shape. Insert the hoop into your embroidery machine.

Steps: Stitch the design

Once you insert the hooped item and send your digitized file, the embroidery machine does most of the work. It will stop when it’s time to change thread or if other action is needed.When the machine finishes sewing,remove the hoop, unhoop the shirts, and trim any excess thread from the stabilizer. Some items may need a light steam pressing to smooth any creases caused by the hoop With the above three steps, a embroidery to the shirts are done. And you can cut the extra threads, pack them well for sell.

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