Sep, 2016

Oil Painting/Canvas is the best to decorate your wall, whether it’s a family photo or reproducing your photography or arts, as China’s premium one-stop printing solution online company, provides a few ways to the canvas printing.

The first way, also the most popular ways of our modern society, is inject digital canvas printing. Inject Canvas is   vivid, economical, fast with various fabrics for options, such as pure cotton canvas cloth, linen canvas cloth, polyester canvas cloth, silk fabric and linen/cotton cavas cloth .

At, we usually provides 300g pure cotton canvas, polyester canvas cloth and silk fabric to you to choose from.

The second way is silk printing with handmade. The is another economic way for reproducing arts, similar to handmade art, but not exactly.

The thirdly one is the oldest one and the most expensive one. sometimes, the skill of the artist are very important to the reproduction arts quality.

If you are planning to turn your photo onto canvas, the inject canvas might be your preferred option. But for Oil Painting Reproductions, Arts Reproductions, The handmade one, or slik printing with handmade might be your best options.