Mar, 2013

Most people wait until they’re hired to order business cards.

But as you’ve probably figured out already, doing what MOST people do is NOT the way to get hired. (Especially if your strengths are in less measurable or verifiable areas such as persistence or interpersonal skills.) Yes, there are procedures and applications and rules of protocol, but don’t kid yourself.

Whether your degree is in Home Economics or Mechanical Engineering, as long as you’re looking for a job, you’re in Marketing. Your product? Yourself. You want prospective employers (or prospective customers, if you’re planning to begin as an entrepreneur) to see you as someone with that something “extra”.

Why not market yourself with personalized business cards?

Business cards are affordable, portable, versatile, and accepted everywhere. For less than $150, you can have your name, address and photo in front of 2,000 likely employers. Here are some tips to get you started (and they’re just as applicable AFTER you land your dream job, and need to order new cards.)

Designing your card:

1. Keep it simple, yet classy.
Use a legible font and keep it large enough to read by the bifocal crowd ? nothing smaller than 10 points, if possible. Tailor the color scheme and graphics to your preferred industry (you wouldn’t expect a future attorney to have rainbows on his or her card.) Most cards are still (unfortunately) printed in black ink on white stock, so using color is a simple way to make your card noticeable but still professional.

2. Keep the card uncluttered.
The most essential information on a typical business card is your name, your company, and your primary phone number. Recent grads should substitute their degree (e.g. MBA, Harvard University) for the company name. If you do include other numbers (such as fax, pager, or cell phone numbers), put your primary number in bold text. It’s most visible if it’s located at the lower right-hand corner of the card.

3. Put a photo of yourself on the card? Maybe.
Business cards with photographs are less likely to be thrown away, and more likely to be placed on top of any pile of cards. If you have a unisex first name such as “Pat” or “Chris”, an unusual name, or if you’re trying to enter a “relationship” field such as real estate or counseling, this could be important. However, the downside of photos is that they can “date” you, and play into people’s subconscious prejudices. You might be better off by polishing up your networking and interview skills, so that interviewer is unlikely to forget you anyway.

4. Economize by creating personal networking cards.
If you want to avoid the possibility of having 957 special “job hunting” cards to throw away after you’re hired, create a personal networking card. This is a card that contains only your basic contact information. To personalize it for your job search, print your degrees, experience, et cetera on self-adhesive address labels (the 1” by 2 5/8” size works well). Stick those labels on the back of a small group of cards and print more labels as needed. You’ll still be able to use the cards after you get a job, because the basic information will still be relevant.

Networking with your business card:

1. Carry your business card with you everywhere.
Think of it as a substitute résumé. You never know when you’re going to meet someone who knows of a possible position. A simple way to add enormous psychological impact when handing out your card is to present it with both hands, as if it were priceless.

2. Mind your manners.
Don’t pass out cards during a meal, or corner someone to “talk business” at a purely social function. (Ask for permission to send a card and a résumé to their place of work.) If you meet someone you’d like to give your card to, ask for two or three of theirs. Explain that you want a couple of extra cards so you can refer others to them. They’ll likely ask for your card in return.

3. Stay organized.
Develop a system for storing cards at events, such as putting YOUR cards in your left pocket and cards you receive from OTHERS in your right. Jot notes on the back of cards you receive to remind yourself of information they requested, what common interests you discovered, what qualities they’re looking for, or simply what they looked like. (Excuse yourself to somewhere private – a break area or even a restroom – if you want to write notes discreetly.)

4. Treat cards with respect.
Keep your own cards clean and crisp by using a cardholder. When you receive a card, take a moment to look at it, and then store it carefully in an attractive holder, also.

Your consistent use of a well-designed business card will show other business people that you’re both professional and serious about your career. Get in the habit of using them as an excellent promotional tool.

How to Make Your Brochures Look Good before printing (5 Easy Steps Towards an Effective Brochure Design)

Making a brochure and print it is one thing everyone is able to do today with all of the countless brochure producing software out there on the Web. People that don’t have enough time or even the desire of creating their very own brochures may always use a printing company that offers brochure printing, as well as postcard printing and greeting card printing, that can be found both offline and online at an affordable price. Having said that, it’s these essential tips to develop a high quality brochure that need to be taken into account when coming up with a brochure.

1. Prior to making your brochure before printing, gather and analyze other brochures distributed in your area. Uncover precisely what causes a particular style and design to be more captivating than the others. By thoroughly researching other designs, it is possible to acquire your own feeling of excellent design so that you can come up with an attractive brochure. Upon having a concept of exactly what the brochure ought to look like, you must determine which type of people that you intend to distribute your brochure to once it is printed. Pick a typeface that is most suitable for the style you want, such as a professional, funny or informal one, along with maintaining a straightforward message. Avoid using more than two fonts in the brochure as this tends to distract readers from grasping the core subject matter.

2. For all brochure designing and printing, determine which details are essential and organize it according to its value. Produce several drafts of the brochure layout until you can completely visualize where all of the information will be placed. Use design elements like boxes only when highlighting the most important content so that it is easy to follow. Have a friend or fellow employee take a look at your draft concept and ask them if it appears to flow in a logical order that is easy to follow along. You can even ask them what was the main message they extracted from the brochure to ensure you have a proper layout.

3. When designing a brochure before you print it is common to feel the desire to make use of the page and fill up the entire space, however it is best to avoid doing so. When you leave empty space on the page and maintain a simple layout it helps deliver the message to the reader without any confusion. Pictures and graphics are useful, but too many will make the brochure look messy as well as distract the reader from the main purpose.

4. You will find a huge selection of colors available for brochure printing, but the best performing brochures are almost always designed in just one or two colors. Occasionally, grayscale brochures end up being far more stunning than colored brochures. Do not forget that the expense of printing must be evaluated when selecting colors for your brochure. More colors usually means a higher printing cost, but at the same time if your brochure is in need of many colors to generate results and improve your business then avoid trying to cut the costs here. After deciding on the colors, you will need to choose the type of paper for your brochure. Paper is also available in many different colors, dimensions and materials. If you are trying to go green in your business or organization then you may look at using recycled paper. Recycled paper is an ideal way to cut down on the amount of natural resources you use and it’s also a wonderful way to promote yourself these days as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Use recycled paper when doing brochure printing, postcard printing or greeting card printing, and you will certainly stand out with your audience.

5. Upon finishing the design and picking the typeface and paper for your brochure, you must always proofread and analyze your brochure. Go through it quite a few times prior to getting it printed because once it is printed you won’t be able to fix any mistakes you might catch afterwards. As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to have another person you trust to critically evaluate the final layout and provide their honest opinion. After you have rigorously review the brochure and feel content, then contact the printing company and begin having it printed.

Keep these points in mind when creating the perfect brochure design and you too will have an effective brochure that produces action, brings results and drastically improves your business or organization.

Folders go a beyond merely carrying your documents to carry business image. Also folders make convenient option for organize important papers such as product literature, catalogues, price rates, business proposal and business information and anything requires neat and impressive presentation. Ltd, a predominating player in business printing circuit in the UK is an expert in creating optimum effect through its diverse folder printing services in diverse sizes and designs.

Tailor-made or readymade folder designs? Matte or Glossy – tell us

No matter it is glossy or matte laminated folder you want from Ltd, never forget to check out range of options so that you can combine features you sought after before you landed up at Ltd. Besides our folders creation specialists will add their wise tips and recommendations to enable you lay the best folders designing plan. Thereafter, on receiving green signal [read approval] from you we will send the design to print folders tailored to the folder design chosen by you. Along with bespoke folder design, you can check out our repertoire of folder design templates from sites if you are in hurry. Moreover, our design templates collection accommodates templates made for different industry verticals and match contemporary choices. We carry out your folder printing requirement in multitude –

1. Paper quality varies from 250gsm to 400gsm.

2. Matte to glossy laminated finish.

3. Quantity range from as low as 200 to 1000.

We welcome all clients’ artwork, do-it-yourself design or bespoke folder printing design to emboss them in a way that makes a fail-proof impact on business acquaintances. Now if you are wondering how we will be quoting your folder printing requirements we have offered instant quotes.

Sticker printing of paper, window and vinyl stickers. can fulfil all your sticker printing requirements including vinyl stickers, bumper stickers, Window stickers, Product labels, Wine labels, Logo stickers, personalised stickers, reward stickers, school stickers, promotional stickers, delegate stickers and packaging stickers.

Custom printed stickers are also available including personalised wine labels, new address labels, new phone number stickers, car stickers, product stickers, price tag stickers, identification stickers, photo stickers, barcode stickers, mailing labels and sealing labels.

Square? Rectangle? Circle? Triangle?….
It doesn’t matter!
We can even do specific custom sticker shapes for you. It’s all up to your imagination. Be as creative as you want with your custom printed stickers, we can handle it !

Vinyl film stickers, ideal for sticking to glass, such as office, retail & car windows.
The static cling sticker stays in place using static and so no adhesive residue is left when the sticker is removed.
The static cling stickers are available in white or clear vinyl and are custom printed and cut to your design.

All poster printing is done on high grade polypropylene which is tear resistant. Posters are all digitally printed with your choice of matt or high gloss finish and can also be printed double-sided.

Double sided posters can be displayed using our Hanging Snaps to suspend them in shop windows for also supplies Snap Frames to protect your posters.

Posters are a tried and tested form of advertising and display. Whether as a company message at reception or sales room or illustrations of some of your products or artwork, our full colour posters not only recreate your creative designs faithfully they are sure to make a visual impact.

Standard sizes are available for your convenience as well as bespoke sizes of custom poster printing.

From printing a photo enlargement to poster size for the teenagers bedroom to posters promoting the raffle at the local pub, to huge corporate sales promotions, the poster printers at can deliver the custom poster printing solution to meet your needs.

We only use high-grade, high-gloss polypropylene material for our poster printing which ensures that the poster won’t tear.

For high-traffic areas such as shops we can also supply two types of snap frame to protect your poster and therefore increase it’s life. Snap frame boards can be easily installed to your wall and in just a few clicks you can swap out your poster so that it is protected behind the scratch resistant clear panel. Hanging snap frames are top and bottom rails from which to hang your poster. These are great for in-store promotions and special offers, especially shop window displays or partitioning off a section of floor space.

Everyone has access to a graphic designer or simply might just be starting out and don’t have any graphics yet! Because of this we offer an in house graphic service, including:

Rearranging of graphics to suit a custom size:
If you have already had something printed and now need the same feel or details on a different size banner, we can rearrange your graphics to fit the new size.

Logo creation:
Just starting out or need a fresh look? Let us help create your next logo for you to help make you stand out from the crowd.

Logo redraw:
To get the best quality print, you need the highest resolution possible, especially if you are printing something large. If you have a logo, but only have it in a low resolution we can assist you by redrawing it so that you have a higher resolution for all your large print jobs.

Our rates are extremely competitive!

Simply ask us how we can help.

Digital printing of car stickers, car decals and graphics. Window & vinyl decals are also available. All car graphics are custom made to suit your requirements.

We all need the maximum exposure we possible can for our businesses these days. Having ads in magazines, yellow pages or the local paper is a good way of generating clients. But these things are all static advertising, meaning that your clients have to look you up or be reading that particular print advert to see you. By placing colourful, bold and eye-catching graphics on your car, truck, van or even your whole fleet of vans, you are getting the attention of everyone you drive past at all hours of the day.

Having your corporate logo and details on the side of your vehicle with our high quality custom car decals ensures that your branding is getting out there so the next time clients are looking for your services, guess what?, you are the first person they think of! Car decals are simple and very effective.

Vehicle advertising is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across, so why stop at car stickers? Consider window stickers, boat decals, motorbike stickers and truck stickers, essentially our vinyl stickers and decals can be used anywhere, so get designing and let us produce your custom car graphics now!

High quality car magnet car decals suitable as temporary graphics on any vehicle. Our magnetic car signs can be custom designed with your own company logo and contact details.

These car magnets are ideal as temporary car decal and will not damage your paintwork provided you follow the care instructions below:

Car Magnet Care Instructions

Only apply to a clean, dry surface. Ensure there is no dirt on the vehicle
Don’t place the magnet over protrusions, fixtures or concave areas.
Do not pull the magnet to re-position it as this may cause scratching. Please remove the magnet and re-apply
Remove the magnets before washing your vehicle
Do not use the magnets on a horizontal surface such as the bonnet
Store the product flat and ensure it is clean and dry. It is also possible to lightly roll the magnet with the printed side facing outwards, but remember to clean it before you do so
Do not put anything on top of the magnet

Why not print your favourite wedding photo on canvas or make custom pictures to hang in your office or reception?

We have a selection of standard size canvas photo prints for ease of choice, but as always, custom sizes are available to you. If you have a specific frame you would like to fit into, simply let us know what the size is and we will work with you making sure everything is perfect for your Canvas print.

Our canvas prints come un-mounted so you can choose to do this yourself or we can recommend someone to you.

Canvas prints are unique personalised gifts, you need never be stuck for a photo gift idea again.

Birthday Gifts – how about a canvas print of the children for Mum, or the family pet for Grandad?

Baby Gifts – every new parent has hundreds of baby photos, why not get one enlarged for the nursery, if you can choose just the one!

Wedding Gifts – canvas prints for the bride and groom of each other as children
Anniversary Gifts – that’s an easy one a beautiful canvas photo print of the happy couple on their wedding day!

Christmas Gifts – Remember that photo your wife was so proud of when she took it? Why not surprise her with a canvas print

Nowadays, it has become the fashion and rule to exchange cards printing to expand new business. online can help you reach this target. The business cards printing remains the most powerful marketing tool for both new and established businesses. These small 3.5″ x 2″ cards are a conversation starter, a lead generator, a deal maker, and the primary mechanism used to keep people in touch and later do business. Think of your business card as your storefront and a reflection of your business.

Each business card printing should make use of effective imagery, color, design, and a clear and concise message. Most business meetings start and end with a business card, so it’s your job to create a lasting first impression. Whether you opt for glossy, full color business cards, or something more unique such as a plastic, or metal business card, one thing is certain:

Our business card printing serve as tiny billboards, which catch your eyes, communicate a simple message and produces results. It may be closing a sale, to generating a qualified lead, or simply impressing the recipient of the card such that they don’t feel compelled to the throw your business card away, or even better, pass on your card to a friend or a colleague. Business card design and printing is what we have specialized in since 2001. We have served thousands of small business across the U.S. and Canada, ranging from truck drivers and massage therapists, to major real estate brands and Fortune 500 companies. We continuously work with our customers and our partners to understand what works and what doesn’t. This is then translated into an automated, self-service system that enables anyone without any prior design knowledge or experience to select a business card template, customize online. That’s the, our mission and commitment to the perfect result!

Business cards printing are one of the most time honored traditions for virtually every type of organization. provides services that help companies promote their commercial sphere, as well as provide an affordable, easy means of communication with the public. provides customers with cards printing service the benefit of being able to customize and order from the comfort of their home or professional office. We allow customers to proof their orders online as well. Our staff of experts will accompany you through the entire process from start to finish. Aside from full color business card printing, we offer a host of other services including postcards, brochures, envelopes, and magazines & newsletters.

Just give us your cards printing service specifications. Upload your own creative ideas for templates and styles, or use some of our professionally pre-designed ones. Colorful and particular business card printing can improve the status of the company, known by the public.  Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern.

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