Jun, 2015

Advertising Poker, also known as gift cards, promotional cards. Enterprises and institutions to promote corporate culture, introduce their products poker, government agencies publicize policies and regulations, introduce a regional style of poker.

It retains the general poker angle code number and color, so that the basic functions of poker is preserved. Simultaneously on the front and back as well as poker box plus the content of advertising, so this has become a poker advertising vehicle. When people play poker in your ad content to spread.

Produce Steps:

1. Using the poker paper, cut to the size of 718x815mm or 665x899mm, then get them printed 1 side, after drying, print the other side.
2. After printing finished, get them UV Coated.
3. Cut into pcs.
4. Get them rounded.
5. Check and put them into boxes.
6. Get the boxes wrapped with shrink films.
7. Ready for shipping.

Poker pros and cons of advertising as a new media, you can print the information products and services in poker, poker with the use and flow of information dissemination and circulation. Poker is widely used in various industries as a gift, and can play a huge advertising effect. The gift cards as an information distribution medium can play a significant advocacy role.

Firstly, it is quickly established a reputation in the short term, to promote sales. To issue 30,000 advertising poker terms, an effective rate can reach up to 100%, and because of their multiplayer poker interactivity participation, in fact, this arrival is radial, information arrival rate can reach more than 400%, also That is a poker information can be at one time was 4 or more people repeatedly get. And because poker can be used repeatedly, which will reach more growing exponentially. That issue 30,000 poker, at least to cover 200,000 people.

In the long term, the brand and corporate image-building is also very beneficial. General poker life can reach 300 years, and the quality excellent poker not only to extend the use of time, but also a collection value. Because poker retained a long time, in fact, so that the audience psychology as the company’s products and services has always been on the side of feeling, the brand so subtle, formed over time!

Also, it’s cost-effective. The same expenditure spent on other mass media, not only a huge investment, and information to reach difficult to grasp, in fact there is a huge reach error, additional information retention time is very short, fleeting. The gift cards will be able to avoid the above shortcomings can be obtained at a low advertising ideal dissemination of results. Then a little money doing big things, and no one will miss.

Finally, implementation process Easy. We know “Advertising Law” published in the mass media advertising have the strict legal requirements, such as content, publishing, program, the cost has limited. This creates a lot of inconvenience on the implementation of advertising, affect the progress of work. The issue of advertising gift cards are no relevant legal restrictions, in the form of flexible, highly motivated issuer can fully grasp the issue of content, quantity, target, timing, rhythm and so on.

Meaning For The 54 pcs Advertising Cards:

Spades are olive leaves, representing peace; Hearts are heart-shaped, representsing love and wisdom; Club is love, representsing luck; Squares diamond, it means wealth. They are the good wishes of people a year.

In China, Poker is a microcosm of the calendar, there are 54 cards in 52 it is genuine, showing there are 52 weeks in a year. Two are the cards, the king represents the sun, Small King on behalf of the moon. Seasons throughout the year, respectively, with peach and apricot plum party represented, including Apricot red squares represent the day, licensing technology, spades plum is a night.

King: the sun.

Small King: the moon.

Heavily cards 52: There are 52 weeks a year.

A total of four colors heavily cards: there are four seasons.

Spades (Spade): spring, a symbol of peace.

Hearts (Heart): Summer, a symbol of love.

Box (Diamond): autumn, represents wealth.

Plum (Club): winter, licensing technology, which means happiness.

A total of 13 cards each suit: season there are 13 weeks.

13 card points add up to 91 points: season 91 days.

4 Zhanglao K: King, representing the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Prussian monarch.

4 Q: 4 a queen.

4 J: 4 δΈͺ attendants.

Red (Red / square): daytime.

Black (spades / clubs): night.

Poker in the J, Q, K of 12 cards, represent both the year of 12 months, also said that after a year of sun in 12 constellations.

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