Heat Transfer Printing T-shirts–No MOQ–Fast Delivery- Affordable Price–Buy 10pcs Get 1 Free


As said before, heat transfer printing is another most popular printing way for custom/DIY T-shirts. There is no MOQ limited, the printing time is about 1-3days.

If you are looking for less than 100pcs T-shirts custom printed with your design, this is the best way, good for family time, company promotional time and gifts for friends, kids.

Nowadays, when famous film star open their own apparel brand, T-shirts is the most likely items they  take in considerations at the beginning.

Heat transfer involves creating an image in reverse, printing it to high-release paper, and then transferring the image from the paper to a garment using heat and pressure.Let’s see the steps as below:

Steps1:  Artworks  Design

Using the professiona design software such as Illustator, Photoshop, coredraw, freehand, or pagemaker etc, to create your design. images,sign, slogan, logo, all full color artworks are ok for heat transfer printing.

After the design confirmed, designer need to converse the images before printing the artwork to the high-release paper.

Steps 2:  Making The Printing Version

With a digital printing press, print the artworks onto the heat transfer paper, and cut the extra part of the paper

Steps3: Printing

Adjust the temperature of the heat transfer printing machine, make sure the fabric printing area flat, put the heat transfer paper on the fabric, then the images will be applied to the fabric.Be careful when you take off the clothes from the machine, as the temperature are quite high.

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