Nov, 2015

In order to follow the progress of the society, the manufacturers of printed packaging products must keep continuous innovation, in order to determine the packing box manufacturers can survive in the fierce competition. Constant change of consumer habits, will promote advanced technology for the printing and packaging box business to provide sufficient conditions.

One, the traditional packaging design to a new

2008 Olympic Games, Prince William and Kate. The World Expo and other major events or activities are subject to a lot of people’s attention, such as these products or activities in the packaging and publicity more attention to reflect the traditional style and nostalgic design concept, the traditional packaging design can reflect the sense of commodity and activities, the sense of value, a sense of nostalgia and other different temperament.

The traditional packaging box design style in the commodity packaging plays an important role, but also gives a very strong sense of value, reliable and old style of the commodity packaging not only in the tide plays an important role, but also to convey a sense of reliability. many brands and goods to easier access to consumer’s eye, because we know that can be trusted by the public and packaging can happen this critical information transfer.

Two, personalized packaging box gift box began to prevail

At present society, digital printing and packing box technology is more and more popular in the market, the short version of the printing products are emerging one after another, the personality packaging box printing has become one of the effective tools to attract customers in the future. Global well-known beverage companies Coca-Cola, Wang Laoji and other big brands have been recognized by the market through personalized packaging, just a start.

Three, creative packaging popular

For a commodity brand, a good creative packaging ultimate goal is to win the first time in the market to win the attention of consumers, to achieve this goal, the brand merchandise in the design of the packaging box must pass a unique product, fun, creative, etc..

Four, green packaging is the future of the packaging box

New era of consumers for packaging to the environment caused by pollution and recycling problem is getting more and more attention to, so the current environmental protection packaging by more people of all ages and benefit, creative packaging and scheme to determine future, selection of appropriate environmental performance of materials to make, if is the high-end packaging only pay attention to the packaging can be recycled.

Five, technology is constantly progress on the future of packaging and printing industry to help

Now, technological innovation in the packaging industry has produced a huge driving force. Heinz group and strongbow beer company in product outer packing box are strive to provide consumers transfer positive energy. When you open the package in showing a soft light and so on.

How we should be how to apply these innovative technologies in the specific packaging, the sense of nostalgia will always exist, natural simplicity of design, rich in the concept of green packaging will always win the consumer’s recognition, the emphasis on functional packaging will also enable consumers to get an unexpected surprise.

Bio environmental protection plastic is a plastic raw material which is based on the formation of starch and natural substances. It is renewable, very environmentally friendly. So it has a great advantage for the soft package to replace the existing soft packaging.

Bio plastics soft packaging industry, plastic packaging quality light waste less soft and occupied space is small, the advantages of low cost was more than the use of in the daily life, and flexible packaging products usually also reflect the life quality of the pacification of the standard, in the plastic industry, the largest amount of is the printing and packaging industry, according to industry statistics, printing and packaging industry amount accounted for the total amount of plastic 25%-70%. Plastic flexible packaging in China accounted for about 25% of plastic consumption. But in recent years, the plastic industry due to the expansion of capacity to make business profits shrink, so the plastic industry market is poor, the loss of business. For the development of enterprises has brought a lot of trouble. For enterprises, innovation is the most important core industry to upgrade the enterprise independent research and development is the best way to improve the industry development. But the current printing and packaging industry in the plastics industry, the independent research and development, still exist some problems.

With the development of renewable plastic materials to become an important raw material and energy, so that bio plastics are favored by the printing and packaging. Bio plastics materials used in packaging and food services, for a one-time use of packaging or sent to landfill or into the sea of products, biodegradability is a priority choice.

The reason for the widespread use of the bio plastics is that the price of the ordinary material is higher. For the future of the packaging industry, bio plastic products as a renewable source of environmental protection, but will be accepted by people, the future will get more applications.

Future recycling economy will be the development of the packaging industry, packaging waste recycling and reuse to achieve green, will greatly improve the development of packaging industry.