Benefits of waterless printing


Vibrant Colors

Waterless printing delivers greater print contrast. This means the darkest areas look darker and deeper and the highlights look brighter and cleaner. Your images take on a dimensional quality not possible with conventional offset printing. And when printing process color you can reproduce more colors with waterless.

True to Life

Waterless printing allows printers to print higher ink densities; that’s why waterless printing looks much richer than conventional printing, even at the same screen rulings.

Better Resolution

Waterless printing offers higher color saturation, greater print contrast and, at 300 lines, more detail. Additionally, in subjects with regular, linear patterns, a 300-line screen ruling can often eliminate a moire that would normally occur if a 150- or 175-line screen were used.

Larger Waterless Color Space

For graphic designers, waterless printing changes things for the better. Photographic shadow detail is rendered more clearly through reduced dot gain. Best of all, higher waterless densities expand the color gamut and produce more saturated color.