What Does Going Green Mean in the Printing Industry?


The printing industry is one of the largest consumers of trees. The printing industry is acknowledging its pivotal role in the emission of greenhouse gases and is taking the steps to go green.

Carbon Fund, the printing industry is now printing on recycled paper, which saves trees and earns a printing company goodwill and carbon credits. More carbon points increase the company’s chances of being a part of reforestation, renewable energy and energy conservation plans.

Certification and Recycling, going green is ensuring the printing industry’s future sustainability. Using recycled paper earns the company certification by the Forest Stewardship Council. This certification allows the company to control and monitor the natural process of making recycled paper.

Digital and Electronic Printing, another initiative includes digital and electronic printing. This means doing away with paper printing, such as bills, pamphlets and brochures. The printing is done digitally and electronically by the printing industry.

Print Ink, the printing industry is advocating the use of soy- and vegetable-based ink as print ink. Soy ink is natural and organic, requiring no chemical manufacturing process.

Recycling Printing Parts, the industry is also recycling all press solutions, including printing plates, to manufacture new ones. This reduces waste and controls the emission of toxic gaseous substances.