Swing Tags Printing–A Best Tags Printer From China


The tag is small, but the product itself is a link connecting consumers. It is the inevitable product of modern culture, to improve and protect the reputation of the product enterprise, have a very positive effect in promote products.

About every products needs swing tags, such as clothes/hats/shoes/bags/scarves/Jewelries/toys/wine/cakes/cookies/flowers/fruits/consumer electronics…….etc. It’s very important to a brand, and a good way to protect your products when with barcode labels or holographic labels.

With the large client base comes a certain amount of automation, however every order is inspected manually by staff with an eye for quality. Beijing HP Printing Limited expects you to be happy with your swing tag order without exception, so we checked very carefully before shipping. This is why we have no return orders and we make friends with our clients for years once we start corperate.

One of the special attributes associated with Beijing HP Printing Limited is the response time of the highly valued sales team. Quotes are always returned same day, usually within a few hours of your enquiry. Elina, Alice and Ming run the team and are always willing to help you through every step of the order process.

Another one of the best attributes associated with Beijing HP Printing Limited is that we respect our clients’ good taste, we are always trying our best to meet our clients’ requiments,¬† so we provide a lot luxury¬† and recycled papers from 350g/400g/425g/450g/500h/530g/550g/600g/700g/800g/900g etc.In the meantime, we are not only provide various material swing tags such paper/plastic/leather/woven/cotton/metal/crystal/silicone, but also provide different kinds ribbons such as cotton/plastic/silk/linen/Metal and different colors eyelets.

To sum up, we do all kinds quality tags, not only matter normal cmyk printed artworks tags, but also tags with hot stamping, letterpress, embossing, spot uv, crystal raised letters and diu cut, laser cut ect.

If you require a bespoke quotation, have a question regarding our swing tags or anything else then please feel to get in contact with us. Our friendly sales team can help with any questions you may have.