Sticky Notepads Printed For FreebiesSticky Notepads Printed For FreebiesSticky Notepads Printed For FreebiesSticky Notepads Printed For FreebiesSticky Notepads Printed For Freebies

Sticky Notepads Printed For Freebies


Min:  3000 Units:  100000
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Beijing HP Printing Limited is a professional printing company based in Beijing, and we print Sticky notes, Post-it, posted notices, N stickers, etc), notes, notes paper brick, paper notes brick rotation, (3D) ramp notes, notes, notes bricks; PET / PVC stickers, sticky, convenient paste stickers, N times posted notices, free stickers, sticky, various notes paper brick, notes, notebook paste, N, stickers, PU leather cover stationery; business paste, stickers, sticky, free stickers, notes stickers, sticky notes, bookmarks, stickers, colored advertising paper brick, rotating paper brick, slant paper brick, notes, and other adhesive products. In recent years, advertising gift notepad, notebook, posted notices, N, stickers, Post-it, repeatedly posted its beautiful appearance, colorful color, useful features, cultural connotation, low cost, audience favorite and become a quickly swept the world of business gifts easy paste known as N, paste or sticky, fast and convenient to use, which would like to paste what you posted. If your are interested, pls kindly pay attention to the below requirements:


1. Cover:

paper, leather

2. Texts:

80g/100g/120g offset paper, or colorful sticky strips such as green/yellow/orange/pink/blue etc..

3. Size:

123x70x10mm, 105x140mm, 92x130mm¡, 70x105mm, 65x92mm, or any custom sizes.

4. Printing:

1/2 sides printing

5. Pages:

50sheets or 100sheets per pads.

6. Finishing:

Die Cut, Hot Stamping, Spot UV, Embossing For Covers.

7. MOQ:


8. Produce Time:


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