Envelopes Printing

Envelopes Printing


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Whenever you send something to your customers, you should add a professional touch by printed envelopes which including your logo and email address. A printed envelope enhances and reinforces your brand image. It conveys a professional and uniform look to your business correspondence, and greatly increases the chance that your customer will read what’s inside.

A big advantage is that one envelope printing project will produce envelopes that you can use with virtually any marketing campaign such as: sending special offers to customers, sending coupons to loyal customers, sending personalized letters in envelopes to really drive home your marketing message etc.

So, to print your custom envelopes for your company, pls see the below info for your reference:



1.  Material?

     80g/100g/120g offset papers, or Kraft paper, and any customized papers.

2.  Design:

    Custom styles, designs, shapes are ok.

3.  Sizes:

    #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, and custom sizes.

4.  Type:

     Normal Envelopes, self-adhesive envelopes, secret/confidential envelopes, various envelopes are available.

5.  Turnaround Time:

     5-7days after artwork fixed.

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