Hamburger Boxes Printing

Hamburger Boxes Printing

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Hamburger boxe marked with the corporate logo is a good marketing tool to push the sale of your products! With customized design, your customers will remember your company and products and become your repeat customers.We are happy to work with you in customizing hambergur box.All the raw material we used for making hambergur box is high class food-grade 230gsm white cardboard, which is totally environmentally friendly.

1.     Raw material: High class food-grade 230gsm white cardboard.
2.     Size: 95x100mm or customized.
3.     Printing: Flexo printing.
4.     Material: High-quality food-grade papers, inks, etc..
5.     Production environment: Sterile environments and strict quality control system.


If you have a question about your Hamburger Box, pls turn to our Live Support Online or give us a call at 0086-01-59492806 and we'll lead the way. After all, we're here for you.

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