White Onto Rose Damask Woven Labels

White Onto Rose Damask Woven Labels


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Damask- A lustrous based thread has a smooth soft texture. Typically considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Available as Cut/End Fold, Centerfolded or Straight Cut. Adhesive or Iron Backing available. Damask is a Thinner thread then other woven labels, often referred to as Denier Density. Lower the Denier, better the quality, but also higher the cost. You can use up to 8 colors, but the increase in color adds to the cost and weight of the label. All woven labels are custom and we would follow your requirement; Many cuts are available. Straight Cut(cut all around for stitching all around), Centerfold(folded in half with a fold on one side and loose ends on other-label is sewn from loose ends), Cut/End Folded(label ends are folded inward for stitching on the inside of folds.Specifications:

1. Material:
2. Color:
    White/Black/Pink/Purple/Blue etc.
3. MOQ:
4. Size:
    Custom Size
5. Produce Time:

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