Black Satin Labels With White Ink Printing

Black Satin Labels With White Ink Printing


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This satin polyester based weave fabric structure is soft, smooth, shining, radiant, silky-finish garment label. “Woven on Satin” Woven Labels are great for high end clothing, wedding dresses, baby clothing, robes and scarves. Especially for woman’s designer clothing labels because of its graceful and stylish, elegant looking quality.

All woven labels are custom and we would follow your requirements.

Many cuts are available. Straight Cut(cut all around for stitching all around), Centerfold(folded in half with a fold on one side and loose ends on other-label is sewn from loose ends), Cut/End Folded(label ends are folded inward for stitching on the inside of folds.


1. Material:
    Satin Cloth
2. Color:
    White/Black/Pink/Purple/Blue etc.
3. MOQ:
4. Size:
    Custom Size
5. Produce Time:


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