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The snack food industry is constantly growing and evolving. Due to the continuous expansion of this market, new packaging solutions are always in demand. Bags or pouches can be used for any snack food item, from potato chips to chocolate filled marshmallows and advancements in packaging technology and printing have opened new doors for design and innovation.

Since snack foods typically require higher barriers to keep them fresh, coated poly or metalized materials are normally used. For some products that have high turn over rates or that are shelf stable as-is, standard poly materials can be used to save cost. With so many different materials and thicknesses available, choosing the right one for a particular product can be confusing. Many new manufacturers follow the trend of the industry when choosing packaging for their products. For example, many potato chip companies use metalized materials for their bags, so if a similar product is being introduced, it may be wise to use the same type of material. Shelf-life testing and careful analysis of material data sheets is always strongly recommended before committing to a material that has not previously been used with a product.

More and more customers are experimenting with unique materials and designs for product packaging. Rice papers, cotton papers and various clear coated films are giving graphic artists expansive mediums to work with. These outer materials coupled with the multiple barrier and sealing layers available are helping to create some of the most attractive packages the market has seen.

1st Material:


2rd Size:

     Custom size is welcome.

3rd MOQ:


4th Function:

    Good for cake, cookie, pie, bread, snacks etc.

5th EXW Price:

     About $0.02/pcs---$0.08/pcs

6th Produce Time:

     About 7-10days.

7th Payment Term:

     T/T, 50% deposit, balance before delivery

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