Knowledge of Hologramphic Printing:

1. Material:

    Paper /PVC/Clear PVC

2.  Size:

    All customized sizes are welcome.

3.  Files Format:


4.  Resolution:

     About or more than 300dpi

5.  Color Mode:


6.  Delivery time:



Attentions for Design before printing:

 1.  Colors:

     (1)In CMYK mode, the total value of color Nos shoudn't be larger than 250.

     (2)for black, pls don't fix Black in CMYK, just mark as 100%K, or 80% K; For Grey, you can mark it as 60%K, and C=0, M=0,Y=O .

 2.  Fonts:

     (1)All the fonts should be outlined before sending to us for printing, if you don't know how to do that, ask our customer service freely, they will help you.

     (2)All the fonts lines should be large than 0.076mm, otherwise, it can't be showed after printing.

     (3)Any crafts related to embossing, font should be larger, especially when clients who want to print the color first, then embossing.

3.  Bleeding:

     3mm for Bleeding    

4.  Dpi:

    (1)When there is a image/Bitmap , pls make sure the DPI is about 350dpi or 400dpi.

    (2)All the fonts should be typed, and outlined


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