Plastic/PVC Cards are a trend these days, professionals and business people all over the world love it for being more durable and flexible . Plus the fact that it is waterproof and tear proof saves you money from reprinting. Stuff it in your jean pocket or dunk it in coffee, it would still look the same.

Here in, we speak PVC card to bring you the right product for your specific needs. Whether you are a printing industry, graphic designer or business person, we can give you what you want at an amazingly affordable price without sacrificing quality. Now how cool is that? Our greatest goal is to provide plastic business cards to all business all throughout Australian, UK, German, USA , the wholeworld ect.


Knowledge of PVC Cards:


1.  Material: 

     Non-transparent PVC, Clear PVC, Semi-clear PVC, Frost Clear PVC

2.  Thickness:


3.  Size: 

    85x54(mm) or customized size.

4.  Crafts:
     Matt or gloss lamination
     Single side spot UV varnishing
     Gold or silver foil stamping
     Gold or silver laser stamping
     Mirror-like gold or silver stamping (reflecting effect)
     Embossing code
     Pin number
     Serial number
     Signature panel
     Magnetic strip
     Scratch strip
     Die-cut (irregular shape processing)

5.  Application:

     Business cards, VIP cards, membership cards, discount/gift cards, loyalty cards, promotional cards, custom cards,   combo cards, staff cards, game cards, event passes, access cards, luggage tags, key tags, ring cards, calling cards etc.

6.  Produce time:


Attentions for Design before printing:

 1.  Colors:

     (1)In CMYK mode, the total value of color Nos shoudn't be larger than 250.

     (2)for black, pls don't fix Black in CMYK, just mark as 100%K, or 80% K; For Grey, you can mark it as 60%K, and C=0, M=0,Y=O .

 2.  Fonts:

     (1)All the fonts should be outlined before sending to us for printing, if you don't know how to do that, ask our customer service freely, they will help you.

     (2)All the fonts lines should be large than 0.076mm, otherwise, it can't be showed after printing.

     (3)Any crafts related to embossing, font should be larger, especially when clients who want to print the color first, then embossing.

3.  Bleeding:

     (1)All the PVC or Paper business cards should add 1mm for bleeding. For example, finishing product size is : 90x54mm, then we will keep the file of 92x56mm.

     (2)For 3D cards, the bleeding is 3mm.    

4.  Dpi:

     (1)When there is a image/Bitmap , pls make sure the DPI is about 350dpi or 400dpi.

     (2)All the fonts should be typed, and outlined.


Pls note that for PVC Cards, any artworks that have a deep background colors, we suggest do them with  Matt Laminated to ensure the printing quality. Welcome to custom your cards and contact our online customer service or email to :, we will reply you in 24 hours.

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