Kraft Paper Business Card Printing

Kraft Paper Business Card Printing


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Kraft business cards can catch more attention and present more information of your company or yourself.

Beijing HP Printing Limited has a experienced professional design team, tailored to the core value of your brand image, creating a good visual and applied value for many enterprises, government agencies to provide a professional business card design services.Enhance corporate brand image, display of personal identity, to expand networks from a good card!

There are a few crafts are wonderful for kraft paper cards, such as Spot UV, Raised Letters, Crystal Braille, Hot Stamping, Blind Embossing and Debossing , Letterpress etc.  photo kraft_paper_business_cards_printing2_zpsseinabgk.jpg  photo kraft_paper_business_cards_printing3_zpsbldudivj.jpg  photo kraft_paper_business_cards_printing4_zpsyddxszuy.jpg

More details about these crafts:

1st: Spot UV

   Spot UV is just an exact spot where you would like your printed piece to have an area of Ultra-Violet Gloss Coating. Creating a piece with Spot UV will enhance your marketing piece immensely. Spot uv can be 1 or 2 sides, with matt laminated or not, both are available.

2nd: Crystal Braille

Crystal Braille can be fullcolor, and it has a strict rule with the paper, which our normal artpaper can’t do.

3rd: Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface.

A successful hot stamping job is directly related to the quality of the original artwork. In order to insure the highest quality reproduction of an imprint, the original artwork should be “camera-ready”. The better the artwork at the beginning, the better the imprint reproduction result. The key to a successful hot stamping job is threefold;

The first is creating a fixture to support the part firmly under the decorating area.

Second, the fixture must also position the part for repeatability of the graphic location.

And third, the fixture must allow the operator to easily load and unload the part from the fixture.

4th: Embossing & Debossing

   Debossing and embossing are similar processes that create a different result. Both processes involve making a metal plate and counter. Embossing is to raise an image up above the surface of the paper whereas debossing pushes the image down into the surface of the paper.

   Both techniques provide tactile qualities as well as visual shadow lines that subtly enhance the look and feel of an object. Either process can have color or can be blind i.e. without color. Both embossing and debossing are produced on letterpress equipment and require film and metal dies to be made. 

 photo IMG_0333_zpstxy9whuv.jpg Options photo Corner Options_zpswk1evbuz.jpg  photo Crafts1_zpseznezehi.jpg  photo Craft2_zpsfosz347x.jpg


Artworks Requirements:

A. Files Format should be: PDF/AI/EPS.

B. Resolution: about or more than 300dpi

C. Color Mode: CMYK or Pantone Nos.

How to send files:

A. By mail to your sales' email box directly

B. By

C. By FTP Server

D. By Dropbox

How to contact US:

1. By livechat

2. send email to our, one of our sales will take care of you.

3. By Skype:

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