Embossed Business Card Printing

Embossed Business Card Printing


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For businessman, a good designed business card can make you special and remembered by the people you want to know. And we have a lot craft to improve your design, here let's introduce our embossed business cards--Blind Embossed or Colorful Embossed.

Blind Embossing, is known by the blind logo or text or images was blind without colors when embossing, so the colors are paper itself color, which won't be printed before embossing.

Colorfull Embossed, print the logo/texts/images with colors before embossing, then make a convex plates and a concave plates to embossing.  We can print any single color or colorful embossed cards you love.  But there are rules for this kinds embossing, texts, logo, patterns lines can't be too small.

If you want to keep your cards simple but quite good impressed, how about a beautiful and creative embossed business cards? Call skype: elina.hm to discuss with your cards now. 

Embossing Artworks:

A.  Pls get all the fonts outlined
B. Pls prepare two separate files to be submitted.
  One will be the complete design, while the other will only have the image to be Debossed/embossed, which should be done all in black.
C. Pls make sure all the lines are larger than 0.15mm

How to send files:

A. By mail to your sales' email box directly

B. By www.wetransfer.com

C. By FTP Server

D. By Dropbox

How to contact US:

1. By livechat

2. send email to our sales@hichinaprinting.com, one of our sales will take care of you.

3. By Skype: elina.hm

Delivery Time:

3-5days after all artworks confirmed.

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