It is not only about what you do in the corporate world, but also about how you do it that matters. Our new range of Metal Business Cards can make the first impression you give a lasting one.

Highly unusual, these Metal Business Cards are printed on treated aluminum, which undergoes a special electro-chemical anodizing process. The elegant matt surface which results from this process can be produced in a range of metallic background colors,* depending on customer requirements.

One of the most attractive features of metallic cards is the opportunity to have a raised effect on parts of the design. The raised area will have the same color as that of the card’s background, but will be highly polished giving a striking smooth contrast to the matt background. 


Knowledge of PVC Business Cards:

1. Thickness:


2. Size:

     77x43mm、80x43mm, 80x50mm, 85x54mm etc.

3. Files:

    Must be CDR files, no images.

4. Crafts:

     Frosted/Outlets/Flash Pattern/Shading/Phnom Penh


     Corrosion scraping code

     Corrosion code

     Words Raised, Silver/Gold Embossed.

5. Function:

      (1) Unusual and instantly eye-catching

     (2) Durable and likely to be kept

     (3) Anodized aluminum with rounded corners

     (4) Credit card sized (85mm x 54mm)

     (5) Choice of background color, and matching polished raised elements

     (6) Choice of ink color(s)

6. Turnaround Time:



Welcome to contact our online customer service or email to our:, we will reply in 24 hours.


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