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Fast development profile

Fast development is the abbreviation of fast exhibition and quick display. To build the fastest speed, the best display results, the most scientific way to do the operation of the show to build. Large format pattern available polaroid and thermal transfer satin cloth cloth, cloth, canvas portrait can realize splicing. Can also be used for KT version show.

Fast development in recent years is the high-end display of new products, the difference between ordinary stand and traditional truss, flat screen without stitching, can be used to replace the screen, adjust the height below 4m, but also can increase the effect of light. Fast development in recent years has become a mainstream product exhibition, the tension can be flexible, elastic cloth screen, screen size and height can be coordinated, and free carrying.

Specifications: three specifications (1.2m-1.6m; 1.6m-2m; 2m-3.7m) can be adjusted, with infinite width can spell (between columns 30, 60, 90 degrees, and fight between the two world column) to 3 meters, 4.5 meters above the world needs to add column.

Material: silver aluminum alloy, iron chassis

Fast material
The use of aluminum alloy rod material, the chassis using high-quality steel, accessories using raw materials ABS

Fast use
Commercial centers, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, hotels restaurants, photography background

Fast development features
Features: easy assembly, can meet the different requirements, completely relaxed and fast to replace the pull-net exhibition. Saving, environmental protection is your trip to participate in the exhibition's first-choice right-hand man.


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