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PVC Cleaning Gloves

These PVC Cleaning Gloves are Shark oil home-FDA food grade gloves, detergent-free, super adapt, gifts, buy, food and other raw materials in the protection and clean-containing SQUALANE, the skin has a good affinity and moisturizing antifreeze function.



1. The product can't replace the use of insulated gloves.

2. Can't be connected with high temperature (above 70 degrees), please stay away from the fire source.

3. Try to avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent the cut of this product before use to check whether the damaged gloves.

4. Avoid contact with the solubility of chemicals 


PVC gloves best highlights:

1.It's not made of rubber, no rubber smell, different from the ordinary glove market.

2. It's Not easy to melt and difficult to corrosion, oxidation, non-toxic, no phenol and other chemical dissolution in Sunshine

3. FDA safety certification.

4. If not scratch punctured, five times than the ordinary life of the gloves, very durable.

5. Suitable for Cleaning Company, Food Manufactory, Supermarket, Household etc. Acid-proof, Alkali-proof.

6. MOQ: 500pcs for stocks.

7. Can be branded with your logo.

8. Stocks can ship fast, custom ones takes longer.

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