Un-laminated Paper Bags Printing

Un-laminated Paper Bags Printing


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As a profession printing company, Beijing HP Printing Limited offer a lot laminated paper bags and unlaminated bags. Someone may ask, "what's laminated? how do I know whether my bags need to be laminated or unlaminated?" wow, that's a good question, let's explain. 

Laminated means we apply some very thin film to the surface of paper, in order to make the paper waterproof, grease proof, dirty-proof, also, make the fold part looks more beautiful. In printing, we usually get the C1S Paper(White Cardboard Paper), C2S(Art Paper), and some black paper laminated.  We never suggest get special paper or writing paper laminated.

Unlaminated, which means we want to keep the paper original look and original characteristics, such as kraft paper, cotton paper, textured paper, and any other special papers.

If we don't get the bags laminated, if usually means we are using some special paper. 

        1.  Material:
            Kraft Papers, Recyclable Paper, cotton paper, bling paper, metallic paper or any other special paper

        2.  Types:
           Gift Bags, Shopping Bags, Botique Bags, Promotion Bags, Holidays Bags, Party Bags.

        3.  Size:
            All Customized sizes, shapes and designs are welcome

        4.  Printing Ways:
          Offset Printing, Flexo Printing

        5.  QTY
           Depend on your demands.

        6.  Delivery Time:
            About 5-7days, depends on the actual qty.

If you have a question about your packaging, pls turn to our Live Support Online or give us a call at 0086-01-57030360 and we'll lead the way. After all, we're here for you!

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